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8 July 2023
AlexVillas Group

The client came with the task to develop a corporate website, which in addition to brand communication should include a bunch of landing pages to sell properties, a convenient CMS with the ability to quickly add and edit pages, as well as optimization for search engines. The next step was to set up the analytics, think up and render the advertising assets and launch the traffic in FB targeting and Google Paid Search.

In this case study we will analyze how our goal-setting evolved during the project and what results we achieved.

We started by processing a brief. It included:

  1. Main page, which would have collected previews of all sections of the site and communication of the main meanings behind the Alex Villas brand.
  2. Individual pages for 3 departments (construction, agency, management)
  3. A template page of the object for sale.
  4. CMS that allows the site to load quickly with the ability to edit on the run.

After agreeing on the wireframes and copy, we proceeded to render the design concept according to the guidebook provided by the client. This is a voluminous document that takes into account all possible ways and formats of brand communication. It turned out that at the previous stage, there were so many nuances, which should be taken into account in such a diversified company, that the developers of the brand guide forgot that the majority of current clients speak Eastern European languages and read in Cyrillic letters.

To solve this problem, fonts had to be re-approved, this time exclusively for web use. From the original 12 font pairs, 2 of the best contenders were chosen, among which a combination of Roboto Condensed for header styles and Roboto for paragraphs won. These basic fonts fitted perfectly into the general principles of the identity without losing a bit of their overall look & feel.

Further in the process, another interesting event happened: the sales department for the primary properties wanted to keep their webpage for the current selling complex, which at that time showed a decent conversion rate. We transferred it to the common website styles, now it is much more similar to the other pages.

At the same time, there were new business lines for the company: during the approval of layouts, furniture, glazing, and concrete production were launched. Separate landing pages and dedicated traffic campaigns are now being prepared for each of them.

The first iteration was completed in February. Next, we put together a list of accumulated adjustments and went to the second iteration. Here's what we implemented during that time:

  • 3D Tours;
  • Blog;
  • Design and layout changes;
  • Copywriting changes in two languages (ENG, RUS);
  • Localization in a third language (UKR);
  • Analytics;
  • Integration with CRM.

At the time of writing the case study, we have completed the following list of works:

  • website development: engineering, design, copywriting (3 languages), layout, adaptation to CMS;
  • analytics;
  • development of competitive strategies for targeting and contextual advertising;
  • setting up advertising campaigns Facebook/Instagram;
  • setting up advertising campaigns on Google;
  • integration of the traffic system with the client's internal stack.

This project is under regular iterative revision, which is natural for such a large and multifaceted company as Alex Villas. We are happy to be involved in what they do and contribute to the final result.

For $3k+work budgets:
  • Product audit
  • Customer & market audit
  • Competitive audit
  • Sales and ads channels audit
  • Business model audit
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