16 May 2023


Project goals and results overview

We were entrusted with a high-level task by the founders, which involved conducting an assessment of the feasibility of their newly developed framework. They harbored doubts regarding the potential marketability of their intricate consulting product to their existing client base, primarily composed of technology enterprises. This apprehension stemmed from the significant changes required in the established processes and narratives within these client organizations.

With utmost dedication, we immersed ourselves in the project, undertaking four months of meticulous fieldwork. Through a rigorous analysis of data, we formulated evidence-based solutions aimed at restructuring the product, identifying additional target customer segments, and proposing valuable enhancements. Our findings were underpinned by comprehensive research and empirical evidence.

The outcome of our endeavors resulted in a comprehensive set of recommendations, empowering the founders to optimize their product and refine their market strategy. By implementing our proposed adjustments, they stand to enhance the product's viability and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.


What we delivered

  • Conducted customer development on client needs and current acquisition practices
  • Pivoted market positioning
  • Advised & helped implement improvements to the product (upgraded services and bundles based on freshly discovered customer segments and their services acquisition practices)
  • Developed efficient positioning for the product in 2 languages
  • Developed a new pricing policy
  • Designed brand identity
  • Designed and developed product website from start to finish (for INTERWEAVE®).



Brand Identity pack

Product overview.png

Product overview (desktop)


Product website screens

Menu Desktop.png

Menu (desktop)


Contact form (desktop)


404 page (desktop)


For $3k+work budgets:
  • Product audit
  • Customer & market audit
  • Competitive audit
  • Sales and ads channels audit
  • Business model audit
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