Team workplace for SMB

Project Overview

Togezzer is your virtual COO: a tool to keep things in your company going. It is a digital workplace for everyone in your company. All employees can communicate in chats, collaborate on tasks, track processes and organize towards the company goals. We did a good part of marketing for the launch and it resulted in numerous insights that lit the way for further product development.

What we delivered
• Developed an identity pack: naming, logo, web identity, and case study template.
• Conducted customer development on client needs.
• Conducted in-depth analysis of 60 competitors from 100 countries.
• Developed onboarding for mobile app& the web version of the store.
• Integrated Appsflyer, Google Firebase, Google Analytics (w/multiple goals and events).
• Launched targeted ads campaign via Facebook Ads.
• Developed efficient positioning for the product in 2 languages.