Interweave | Consulting framework by H-N-H

27 February 2024
Interweave | Consulting framework by H-N-H

Project overview

Interweave® is a brand communications framework from Moscow-based enterprise marketing consultancy Hacker-n-Hustler.

We received the upper-level task from founders who wanted to check the waters with their new framework. They were unsure whether it is possible to sell a complex consulting product like this to their existing clients (tech enterprises), which commanded a lot of change to already employed processes and narratives inside client companies.

We rolled up our sleeves and after 4 months of fieldwork came up with data-proven solutions to rearrange the product, unveiled additional niches to look for target customers, and proposed some useful tweaks to the product.

What we delivered

  • Conducted customer development on client needs and current acquisition practices.

  • Pivoted market positioning.

  • Advised & helped implement improvements to the product (upgraded services and bundles based on freshly discovered customer segments and their services acquisition practices).

  • Developed efficient positioning for the product in 2 languages.

  • Developed a new pricing policy.

  • Designed brand identity.

  • Designed and developed product website from start to finish (for INTERWEAVE®).

In 2022, INTERWEAVE® got automated and now works as an integral part of a new cutting-edge product that offers Virtual CMO & Virtual CBDO to a wide spectrum of businesses.

Brand Identity


Product website screens


Product overview (desktop)


Contact form (desktop)


404 page (desktop)


Menu (desktop)