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Learn your audience and its needs

Customer Development is the framework that helps in identifying potential customers and determining the ways of satisfying their needs. Whenever businesses launch a new product, enter new markets or pivot their strategy, they need to apply customer development methodology if they want to validate their assumptions and see if the offered solution is in demand.

One of the main goals of Customer Development is to discover a successful sales and marketing strategy and the steps to be used by the marketing team later.



Take your brand’s internet presence to the next level

Web Development is a general term that describes creating, building and maintaining websites and web applications. Among all the other tasks, web development includes designing a website, developing contents of it, scripting client-side and server-side work and configuring network security.

Web development, in a general way, refers to all of the actions, changes, and operations necessary to design, maintain, and manage a website to guarantee optimal performance, user experience, and speed.

Web development


Let automation handle recurring tasks

Automation implies using advanced software to ensure that repetitive tasks of your business are completed with no human involvement, which in turn allows you to prioritize key tasks over dull, repetitive, and oftentimes annoying ones. And since it’s a no-code automation it doesn’t require a coder to make it work.

Generally speaking, jobs that are high volume, recurrent, time-sensitive, involve several people, require compliance, and require audit trails are strongly recommended to get automation.



Quality analytics for your business decisions

Website tracking is the process of gathering and analyzing data about what people do while they are on your website. It is an extremely important tool that allows you to determine how many users visit your website, where they come from, what pages they go to and how long they stay. Having this kind of information on your hands lets you identify your strengths, weaknesses and points that need improvement.

Mobile tracking follows the same principles but tracks users that come to your website using their mobile phones. Taking into account the fact that almost all the users on the internet use their phones to find information, it is essential to have mobile tracking to analyze their behavior on your website and make data-driven decisions.


Paid Marketing

Traffic to promote your products and services

As the name suggests, marketing channels that you pay to use for your advertising purposes are called paid marketing channels. Paid ads in Google, social networks like Facebook and Instagram are some of the examples of marketing channels.

Paid marketing channels are used for almost any purpose, but the main one is to increase revenue through the advertising budget spent on promoting a product/service or building a brand identity.

Paid Marketing Channels

Get more traction and visibility with quality optimization of your app’s page

ASO stands for App Store Optimization and represents a set of actions aimed at optimizing your mobile application’s page in both AppStore and Google Play Market in order to be more visible to the target audience.

ASO includes usage of optimized keywords, useful images and correctly indexed app descriptions to get higher rankings in the top and thus improve your app’s visibility. If utilized correctly, quality ASO can boost reach and drive more organic downloads.

App Store Optimization

App Store

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