Matahari Hills | Earth-conscious property

27 February 2024
Matahari Hills | Earth-conscious property

How do you sell a 10-acre plot for over $30000 in a competitive market?

That was the challenge we faced when we were hired by Matahari Hills, a visionary real estate project in Bali, Indonesia. We had to create a concept that would appeal to both investors and buyers, based on market research and buyer preferences.

Our Process

We followed a six-stage process to deliver a successful project
Project Planning and Strategic Messaging

We communicated with the company’s decision-makers, collected all the necessary materials, and outlined the main project stages. We identified our target audience and crafted a strategic communication plan with clear positioning, slogans, and USP. We also developed an attractive offer for the end client.

Landing Page and Brand-Book Development

We created a landing page that showcases our value proposition and invites users to sign up for more information. We handled the copywriting, prototyping, design, and layout. We tested the landing page on various devices and fixed any bugs. We also developed a brand-book that reflects our identity and vision.

Product landing page, ENG, desktop


Product landing page hero screen, IND, desktop


Application Funnels and Analytics Setup

We configured the application funnels and analytics tools to track user interactions, conversions, and other relevant metrics. We used this data to test our hypotheses and optimize our campaigns.

An application funnel is a type of sales funnel that helps you attract and convert high-quality leads by qualifying them based on their needs and preferences. It is often used for selling high-ticket products or services that require a more personalized and consultative approach. An application funnel typically consists of three steps:

  1. Reverse Squeeze Page: This is a page where you offer a valuable piece of content, such as a case study, a webinar, or a report, in exchange for the user’s email address. This helps you build trust and authority, as well as capture leads.

  2. Application Page: This is a page where you ask the user to fill out a detailed application form to see if they are a good fit for your product or service. This helps you filter out unqualified leads and focus on the most promising ones.

  3. Thank You Page: This is a page where you thank the user for applying and tell them what to expect next. This could be a confirmation email, a phone call, a video call, or a meeting. This helps you set expectations and move the user to the next stage of the funnel.

An application funnel can help you save time and money, increase conversion rates, and create lasting relationships with your ideal customers.

Setting up application funnels and analytics


Presentations and Paper Materials for Investors

We prepared professional presentations and paper materials to pitch our concept and offer to potential investors. We highlighted the market potential, the competitive advantage, and the expected returns of our project. We also provided the terms of reference for the implementation of infrastructure facilities and the optimal draft master plan.

Product PDF
for buyers, ENG


Facebook Ads - Creation and Management

We optimized the advertising budget of Facebook Ads to reach our target audience and generate leads. We segmented the audience and messages into two types: foreigners from Bali-Lombok-Sumbawa interested in investment and real estate, and English and Indonesian speakers in Jakarta and Surabaya interested in investment and real estate. For each segment, we made two video ads for A/B testing and two types of ads - WhatsApp and Website.

Facebook ads results


Google Ads - Creation and Management

We optimized the advertising budget of Google Ads to target users who search for relevant keywords. We segmented the keywords and messages into three types: those who want to buy, those who want to invest, and those who are interested in the price. We also segmented the audience by location: English speakers in Bali-Lombok-Sumbawa, and English speakers outside the islands but within Indonesia. For each segment, we made four text ads for A/B testing.

Google Ads results


Summary result

Our efforts resulted in a successful launch of Matahari Hills, a unique and attractive real estate project that stands out from the competition. We sold the plot for over $30000 and received positive feedback from both investors and buyers.

We delivered a complete package that included:

  • Two new market positioning statements for investors and buyers

  • A new identity pack for web, social, and offline channels

  • 12 text ads assets for Google: three keywords segments for two geo segments

  • Two pitch decks for investors and end buyers

  • Two video ads assets for Facebook

Our Insights

We also gathered some valuable insights from our project that we’d like to share with you:

Leads Summary: We generated 14 leads for $822 in Google Ads, with a cost per lead of $64 with a tax. Half of the leads were from Indonesia outside the Bali-Lombok-Sumbawa triangle.

Leads Demography: We had 80% men and 20% women among our leads. 88% of the adults were 24 years and older.

How to Increase Leads

We identified several ways to increase our monthly leads, such as:

  • Designing a landing page and new campaigns for competitive islands with the keyword “buy land Bali”. This could increase leads by 50%.

  • Running YouTube video ads, as it is the number one traffic source of Google. This could increase leads by 100%.

  • Running Bing ads, as it is the fifth best traffic source in the world. This could increase leads by 20%.

  • Designing a landing page and new campaigns for other countries like USA with the keyword “buy land Indonesia”. This could increase leads by 100%.

  • Running new campaigns for Bahasa language. This could increase leads by 100%.

How to Increase Conversion Rate

We suggested several ways to increase our conversion rate, such as:

  • Making a website block with competitors' comparison and another one with social proofing on the landing page.

  • Adding photos, drone videos, and 360 videos of the plots to website.

  • Making a 3D visualization render of the investment project on the website.

  • Making a “Blog/News” website page and content.