Togezzer | All-in-one project management

27 February 2024
Togezzer | All-in-one project management

Togezzer is your virtual COO: a tool to keep things in your company going. It is a digital workplace for everyone in your company.

All employees can communicate in chats, collaborate on tasks, track processes and organize towards the company goals. We did a good part of marketing for the launch, and it resulted in numerous insights that lit the way for further product development.

As part of this project, we undertook a comprehensive set of tasks to elevate our client's digital presence and enhance user experience across platforms. Below are the key components of our work:

What we do

Identity Pack Development
  • Naming. We crafted a unique and memorable name that resonates with the brand's essence.

  • Logo Design: Our team designed a visually appealing logo that reflects the brand's identity and values.

  • Web Identity: We created a cohesive web presence, ensuring consistency in design elements, color schemes, and typography.

  • Case Study Template: To showcase success stories, we developed a versatile case study template that highlights the impact of our client's offerings.

Customer Development Research

We conducted thorough research to understand our client's target audience, their pain points, and their specific needs.

Insights from surveys, interviews, and focus groups informed our strategy for addressing customer requirements effectively.

Competitor Analysis

We analyzed 60 competitors from 100 countries to identify industry trends, best practices, and gaps.

Our findings guided our client's positioning and differentiation strategies.

Onboarding Experience Enhancement

We revamped the onboarding process for both the mobile app and the web version of the store.

Clear instructions, intuitive navigation, and helpful tips now guide users seamlessly through the platform.

Integration of Analytics Tools

We seamlessly integrated Appsflyer, Google Firebase, and Google Analytics.

These tools allow us to track user behavior, measure key metrics, and optimize performance.

Targeted Advertising Campaign

Leveraging Facebook Ads, we launched a targeted campaign to reach potential customers.

Our compelling ads align with the brand's messaging and drive engagement.

Efficient Positioning in Multiple Languages

We crafted a concise and impactful message for the product in both English and Russian.

Our positioning emphasizes value, benefits, and cultural relevance.

Our collaborative efforts have resulted in an elevated digital ecosystem that resonates with users and drives business growth. We're proud to have contributed to our client's success.